Nominated for the 2017 Shamus Award for best P.I. novel of the year, THE DETECTIVE & THE CHINESE HIGH-FIN sees the return of singular Los Angeles P.I. John Darvelle. He’s back, playing ping-pong, drinking cheap beer and steadfastly avoiding brunch. The case: investigate the murder of a well-born Los Angeles man gunned down in his own driveway. As he hunts down the truth, Darvelle finds himself in the exotic -- and in this case very dangerous — world of rare tropical fish.

“A thinking man’s detective takes on a cold case.… An exciting, well-written detective noir whose final twist raises it far above the ordinary.”
– Kirkus Reviews

“Superior…. Fans of Robert B. Parker’s Spenser will relate to Darvelle, with his nuanced view of humanity and a loving partner to keep him honest.”
– Publishers Weekly

“Engaging…. The pleasure here is in joining Darvelle as he trolls between L.A. and La Jolla…breaking for ping-pong and beer, and staying with this intriguing mystery until he solves it.”
– Booklist

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